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Petualangan Anak Indonesia by Nicholas Mark

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About the book
`Petualangan Anak Indonesia' (or`The Indoventurers') is an illustrated collection of children's stories set throughout Indonesia, written in Bahasa by young Australian, Nicholas Mark. `Petualangan Anak Indonesia' contains three epic adventure tales exploring the breadth and depth of Indonesia's rich natural beauty and mystery through the eyes of four young adventurers. The tales are entitled `Wayan and the Curse of the Ubud Monkey Forest', `Mutia and the Magic of the Golden Island', and `Nanda & Dani and the Secrets of Yogyakarta'. There are monkeys, evil witches, giant Garuda birds, Indonesian fairies, exploding volcanoes, secret tunnels…and more!

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The fantastical illustrations by Bambang Shakuntala, an artist from Yogyakarta, bring the adventures to life.
Pak Bambang is an expert at drawing the Indonesian face and authentically capturing the atmosphere of Indonesia.

Using the book as a teaching resource
Nicholas regularly visits schools in Australia to showcase the book, and students love to hear the adventure stories set in Indonesia and about Indonesian culture. It is also currently being used by most schools under the Australian Government's BRIDGE program in Indonesia.

There is now a supplementary Teacher's Guide available for the book. The Bahasa-level in the books is most suitable for years 11-12 students, but this resource contains over 30 activities to become a valuable learning tool for all levels of high school Indonesian classes (aimed at Years 7-8; 9-10; and 11-12).

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The Guide contains worksheets such as find-a-words, writing and translation exercises, group tasks, and detailed discussion points related to the various cultural elements contained within each of the three tales.

The book can also become a fun activity for primary school students. The Teacher's Guide contains a full English translation of the stories and black and white colouring-in activities from some of the main pictures.


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Package: Teacher's Guide + One Book = $49.95
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Getting Published
`The Indoventurers' began as an assignment for Nicholas at the University of Sydney. Years later, he then took it to Yogyakarta in search of a publisher, and found Galang Press Groups who were willing to take on the project.

Launching the book in Indonesia
Nicholas launched the book in July 2012, firstly at Realia Language School in Yogyakarta and then in Jakarta with the Australia-Indonesia Youth Association (AIYA) Jakarta Chapter. With the assistance of the Australian Embassy in Jakarta, Nicholas also did a reading of the book at Santa Ursula Primary School in Jakarta.

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Watch this video for a clip from Indonesian news station, Trans 7!

This book demonstrates the value of Asian-literacy in forming stronger people-to-people relationships with Indonesia.