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This year we are excited to be touring to the following places:

Term 1:
Perth, WA February 16th - 23rd
Canberra, ACT March 26th - 31st
(In Canberra we have 2 public workshops at National Folk Festival on the 28th/29th and 30th March)

Term 2:
Brisbane, QLD 29th May/30th May & June 11th/12th
Adelaide, SA June 17th - 21st
Indonesia July 1st - 21st
Yirrkala, NT July 29th - Aug 6th

Term 3:
Melbourne, VIC August 12th - 16th

Term 4:
Perth, WA October 14th - 18th
Rural VIC October 21st - 24th
Brisbane, QLD 1st November/11th November

We have launched our own virtual studio, where you can continue to learn Indonesian dance with our expert teachers and professional dance company through online dance courses.

Virtual Studio HERE

Why work with Suara Indonesia Dance?

Create an interest in Indonesia, its arts, language, cultures and people from a very early age (primary and high school) and create interest for further study at university.

Promote Indonesian culture and language through performing arts.

Create awareness of Indonesia and the diverse cultures within.

Strengthen Indonesia-Australia relations- building friendships between our two countries on a people-to-people level.


Workshops and incursions for all ages

"I just wanted to thank you for the fabulous workshops!!! I have had dance incursions before but yours was brilliant because as well as having amazing creative talents as performers you are effective teachers of your craft." - Kellie Brophy, Roleystone Community College, Western Australia

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